Saturday, June 14, 2008

Corson Building

Yesterday Ward called to invite me to his table at Corson Building.

Matt & Wiley have knocked it out of the park. Joel was there also cooking.

You walk in to this urban oasis (where the train track is literally steps away from the restaurant) with doves and chickens, fruits and vegetables. At 7, we walked in, grabbed our sparkling wines and walked around outside. Beause there are only three tables (maybe 30 people?), it's really intimate and fosters socializing (hello Catherine/Paul). The atmosphere is so casual, it becomes almost dinner party-esque.

Inside, the build-out is beautiful. They've added an entire kitchen/prep area to the house. A bar area greeted us complete with oysters.
Plate after plate of the most delicious food keeps arriving. Quail, needlefish, sea bass, pasta, radishes, carrots, lamb. Total food porn!

Dessert was rice pudding with cherries and cheeses and coffee.

Crazy good!

Here was our table's check -- which honestly is SO FREAKING reasonable when you consider the ambiance and the amazing food you're getting! I would give it my HIGHEST recommendation.


Party of 5 said...

It sounds like an amazing place! As you know, we have a lot of cool places like that to dine here in spokane....
Are you sure that money on the table wasn't from the pole dancing show you performed for the customers during their meal????

Joey_Veltkamp said...

haha -- you literally made me LOL. you've always been so funny. i'd love to know of the good places in spokane to eat though when i'm there. we usually end up at applebees or mom cooks or dad bbqs.

i remember liking clinkendaggers.

i'd quit my day if i made THAT much dancing. as is, it's barely enough to pay for my morning coffee!