Saturday, May 3, 2008

Between the bars -- indeed.

As I do my daily download of yesterday's photos, there always seems to be at least one random picture of alcohol in the group. And my dinner. I'll save you the pics of my dinner. (Okay -- you can find them here).
I guess it's not surprising as my friends and I find it most convenient to meet up outside of our homes/apts. I couldn't go a week without CCs or Smith. Last night -- after CCs -- I headed down to Smith to meet up with Kelly and her good friend, Melissa (she's get "Chelsea Handler" a lot. I see why!)

Then home for an early evening.

But before CCs, I stopped by the Frye and saw this show. WOW. It totally made me cry. Highly recommended.

(image courtesy for the Frye Art Museum)

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