Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tastes great...

I was walking home after an extended happy hour and stopped by my favorite convenience store -- the Shell on Madison. Tommy is usually working, and damn -- I love him, his wife and their baby. To be a convenience store manager takes a very special breed. And he is a stallion of c-store managers. :)
I walk in and get, "JOE!" (so Cheers and so appreciated). I make my way for the back cooler to grab my usual and -BAM - am confronted with an all blue Pabst can. Don't understand for a second and then see that it's Pabst Light. I'm a SUCKER for marketing (ask anyone) and HAVE to buy it. I bring it up to the counter and am like, 'UH? What? Pabst can get lighter??' To which Tommy said, 'Only if it's water'.
Seriously -- has anyone seen this before? Tommy said he misordered it, but I'm in awe. (And not bad -- as far as cheap beers in a can go.)


Anonymous said...

Thank gawd, now we can drink 1.5 times as much and not gain weight.

Joey Veltkamp said...

Riight? I've always thought of the original can as a Klassic. But I gotta say -- the new can looks pretty sharp!